Prayer for the Campaign to end violence against women

Here is a prayer for the Campaign to end violence against women. It is taken from a service produced by the World council of Churches and was sent from the Rev’d Terrie Robinson , Director fro Women in Church and Society, Anglican Communion Office. 

every blessing,

Lesley McLean  AMUA Prayer & Spirituality Convenor (6-12-2017)

You are Precious in God’s Eyes

May the God of Eve teach you to dance.
May the God of Hagar bring you comfort in the desert.
May the God of Miriam bring companions to you when you struggle.
May the God of Deborah teach you courage for your battles.
May the Christ who knew Mary and Martha show you the way of balance.
May the Christ who healed the bent-over woman heal your pain.
May the Christ of Mary Magdala send you out to proclaim your story.
In the name of Christ who is the memory, hope and authority of the future. Amen.


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Please join with our Anglican brothers and sisters in this wonderful initiative by the Church of England: "Thy Kingdom Come". You can "pledge to pray" between Ascension & Pentecost following the suggested themes:


25 May #ToJesus

26 May #Praise

27 May #Thanks

28 May #Sorry

29 May #Offer

30 May #PrayFor

31 May #Help

1 June #Adore

2 June #Celebrate

3 June #Silence

4 June #ThyKingdomCome


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