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Thought for the Week from AMUA (22nd - 28th July 2018)



Stability was one of the precepts underpinning St Benedict’s ideas for living in a world turned upside down by the fall of the Roman Empire. Stability brings you back to the centre point when you are wobbling around. A stable body can resist an impact, a stumble, in the way a rigid or a floppy body cannot. A rigid faith leaves no room for Trust. Lord, keep our feet on the ground and our hearts trusting.


God alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall never be moved. Psalm 62:2


Stable family life is encouraged by members of the Provinces of Canterbury and York in England. Ely and the diocese of Liverpool Mothers’ Union have appointed family and children’s workers. We give thanks to God for members in Derby who help to restore families whose stability has been overturned by death, divorce and bullying.

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