‘Choose Respect’ – A Simple Programme

‘Choose Respect’ – A Simple Programme

Suitable for individuals, groups, children & older members of community, sporting groups, workplace, commercial areas, schools, churches, MU.

Choose Respect is to make a conscious effort to:

  1. Treat others with Respect, no matter how they treat you.
  2. Treat yourself with Respect.
  3. Forgive others who do not treat you with Respect.
  4. Resist your natural desire for “revenge or pay back”.
  5. Apologise when you do not treat others with Respect.
  6. Support others who are not treated with Respect.
  7. Ask for support when others do not treat you with Respect.

If we as a community were to observe “Choose Respect” the whole climate of behaviour can change no matter what the age of the individual or where they live and Australia would be a better place to live.



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