The Exploitation of Children

The Exploitation of Children is another area of concern: 

  1. Beauty pageants.
  2. Exposure to pornography – TV, Internet, Mobile Phones without parental permission.
  3. Some parents using TV as a babysitter.
  4. Playboy Brand Jewellery at Diva Stores.
  5. Shopping advertising to gain equipment for schools.
  6. Making parents feel guilty if their child doesn’t have a mobile phone, Ipad or Computer Games.

Australian Council on Children and the Media:

Bye Buy Childhood
• Report into the commercialisation of childhood. 

Bailey Review
• An independent review on the commercialisation and sexualisation of children for the UK Government carried out by Reg Bailey (CEO, The Mothers’ Union).

• The summary of Report and Recommendations can be found on pages 13-19
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Response from Mothers’ Union to the Bailey Review ‘Letting Children be Children’,
• published Monday 6th June 2011.

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