Inspired ideas from muenterprises (UK)

From the UK.....These Inspired ideas are just some examples of what many members are doing in their local community, shared here so that others can consider whether these ideas, or something like them, might  help them reach out to families, friends and the local community.

Are you receiving me? - Skit

A useful entertainment for Mothers’ Union meetings.

Branch Program suggestions

Branch programmes - some suggestions - Let's keep to our five objects (from Mary Sumner House)

Carols candles cake service hymn words

Christmas letter reflection

Programming ideas for MU Groups

The Programming ideas for MU Groups publication available for download.

The MU Guide on How to treat a Speaker

Download the publication for the MU Guide on How to treat a Speaker.

It includes:
-Why ask an outside Speaker?
-Checklist for what to do when booking
-Checklist for what to do one week before meeting
-Checklist for what to do on the day

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Jacqueline Fredrickson, a MU member in the UK suggested...

"On the 12/12/12 at 12 o'clock we are going to have an MU singing for fun '12 days of Christmas.' Feel free to borrow our idea!"

So here are the words and Religious Significance of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"



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