Diocese of Rockhampton

The Diocese of Rockhampton covers the vast area of the whole of Central Queensland, with a population of 200,000. There are 22 Parishes spread over this area. Rockhampton is the major city, also known as the Beef Capital of Australia.

There are now 5 Branches, 1 Fellowship and one Caritas. Membership stands at 140. Because of the vast distances they have 10 lone members who are kept up to date with all that goes on in MU.

MU functions are well attended and members enjoy a great fellowship.
Members help out in many aspects of Parish and Community life including –

  • collecting old reading glasses, knitting needles, and crochet hooks for members in Papua New Guinea
  • making premature baby clothes for the hospitals
  • helping the elderly
  • making palm crosses
  • pamper packs for Women’s shelter

One of the Branches in their planning programme has adopted the Australian theme of ‘MU’s Gifts – Discover and Celebrate’. Members discussed these gifts and listed them as follows:

  • Maintaining family values and standards in a rapidly changing world
  • Prayer – Prayer Book, Midday prayers, Defence Forces Chaplains, Families World Wide, Our Wave of Prayer is non-stop and international
  • Outreach to other nations
  • Mia Mia – very good communication tool, spreading the word, and containing very good articles
  • Welcoming attitudes and practices
  • Hospitality
  • Practical help in the Parish, Community and Nation
  • Seat on the United Nations
  • Social Responsibility

They have suggested it would be good to culminate the year with a Diocesan celebration of MU’s Gifts to bring together our positives and promote ourselves in our Parishes and perhaps the wider community.



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