At this time of economic and domestic uncertainty many people do not understand or accept the claims of Christianity while others have grown up in Christian homes but have drifted away, for various reasons. There are many people in need of caring, friendship and companionship which a church based group, such as Caritas, can offer.

Caritas: means “Christian love for Others” and Caritas groups are friendship in action, enabling people to share and communicate the love of Christ and show friendship through their actions – a place where people can grow through friendship and encouragement, into the life of the Church and the life of the community and a place where the Christian training of children and the building up of family life is nurtured.

Caritas Groups:

  • Are an open outreach group – there is NO QUALIFICATION for membership.
  • Are as flexible and unstructured as possible.
  • Are where people are accepted for who they are – not what they are.
  • Are not fund raising groups.
  • Are free to experiment with whatever type of group would be most viable in any situation. Ideas are coffee groups, play groups, family groups, email group etc.
  • Are not just “another Parish Group”, but are part of the Worldwide Mothers’ Union.

The bridge between MU and Caritas is like a well worn highway of sharing, supporting, encouraging and a line of communication, based on strong connections and sound structure which continues to be expanded!

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"Sharing Christ's love by encouraging, strengthening, and supporting marriage and family life."