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MU has many strengths! ... including its ‘Worldwideness’.


There are many networks for MU members to access and in which to feel included......from the Facebook group, to the Australian MU page, pages from various Dioceses, Australian and beyond and the access to the ‘Base’ MSH and The Mothers Union UK.


One can spend many hours online learning more about how our amazing ‘movement’ was begun by our shy founder, grandmother Mary Sumner in 1876, in the UK.


In Australia we meet in deaneries, branches, and groups, and sometimes as groups of ‘Lone’ members, in some places called ‘Diocesan’ members.  And now we can meet on line. This is a continuous link to one another, enabling us to seek guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration, as we share Ideas, Successes, Information, Programs and Activities with one another across the country.


Families Worldwide offers a window on MU members around the world........we can learn about their country, their challenges and their projects with its weekly Calendar type presentation, Prayer Diaries and articles. We can also pray for workers by Diocese and Name.


Families First magazine is a tool through which we share the trials and testimonies of families and individuals touched at every level of family life - from birth to death. Rather than plying our readers with stories of why breast is possibly best; we tell the stories of those many women who, for whatever reason, are not able to have children and so cannot even make that decision. Rather than showcase a pick of the best retirement homes in the area we look at how people cope when a loved one is bereaved after a lifetime together.

What in the World is MU Doing?

A fact sheet, aimed at increasing our awareness of MU work, both here in Australia and overseas. Each A4 sheet has approximately half a page of information and some pictures about one particular activity involving MU. It can be used as an information spot in a branch meeting, as a handout, as a means of interesting someone in MU or any other ways you can think up.

There are sheets on twelve different topics on the MU Australia website, including our Parenting Education Program (PEP) course in Australia, MU at the United Nations, Bumps and Babies at Inverell, and Combating HIV/AIDS in Uganda. 

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