Prayer & Spirituality Department

Rev'd Dr. Lesley McLean


Prayer & Spirituality Convenor

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The Prayer and Spirituality Department seeks to encourage MU members in their vocation of worship, prayer and deepening spirituality.

The department seeks to uphold the Third Object of Mothers’ Union:

To maintain a world wide fellowship of Christians united in prayer,
worship and service.

Prayer is a focal part of MU’s work and service.  The P&S Department seeks to encourage members in their prayer lives and spiritual growth.  It provides resources for personal prayer, spiritual guidance and occasions when MU members come together for corporate worship.

Lesley trained as a librarian but spent most of her life as wife and mother. She was a Youth Group leader with her husband until he trained for the ministry, was ordained and served in parishes in Adelaide and Victoria. Lesley then trained for the ministry and was ordained. After David’s death she returned to South Australia with ministries in the country and Adelaide Hills. She is retired from formal parish work and  lives in Adelaide. She was MU diocesan chaplain for 3 years, and now is preparing her biography of Alison Gent for publication. She enjoys the company of her grandson Paddy who comes to stay twice a week for bellringing practice, church and organ concerts.


MULOA Prayer:

 May God enable us to become the people God calls us to be, and,

 in everything we do, may our lives honour the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

 May God inspire and move us to action

 so that we fulfil God’s will in response to God’s amazing grace,

 so freely given to the world.  Amen


What Prayer & Spirituality Department provides:

Prayer Diaries:

 AMUA Prayer Diary 2019

Prayer Leaflets: 


Prayer Resources

Families worldwide Issue 2.19 (July - December 2019)


P&S Newsletter:

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Wave of Prayer

The Wave of prayer commenced in England in 1921. Every diocese in the World wide organization is prayed for during the midday prayers on 3 consecutive days each year. This unbroken chain of prayer provides the spiritual foundation for the mission and work of Mothers Union. 

Wave of Prayer dates worldwide

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Thought for the Week from AMUA

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